Here at The Crescent, we like to try and make sure everyone can access our shows, and feel welcomed. The Crescent is level access right to the front bar area and into the concert room. There is a small ramp at the entrance, and an accessible/gender neutral toilet immediately on your right as you enter. Unfortunately our games room is not currently wheelchair accessible. It has five steps leading up to it from our front bar. 

The concert room is level access, and is a square, with the bar on one side, toilets on another and a raised stage on the far wall. Unless the show is very busy, there are good sightlines of the stage from around the room. If it is busy, often there are good sightlines on the far wall near the toilets.

There is a limited amount of fixed seating on benches two sides of the concert room. Unless otherwise stated, concerts are standing.

If you require seating due to a disability, or a carers ticket, please contact us at least a couple of days before the show at with the name of the show, a copy of your electronic ticket and proof of requirement such as a PIP letter/blue badge. We can arrange to reserve a spot on one of the benches at the edge of the room. You can then meet us at the entrance to the concert room 15 minutes before doors, where we will show you to your seat. Please note that should you choose to not arrive early, we cannot guarantee your spot doesn’t get taken once other customers are in the room. If you’ve booked multiple tickets as a group of people we can only provide seating for those who require it. 

Dogs are allowed on a lead in the front bar, however assistance dogs are also allowed in the concert room. Please be aware that volume levels can be very loud for concerts. Flashing lights and haze are also often used during shows.

Please note that we are a grassroots venue, with a very small team of staff. Once doors have opened to a show we are very limited in what we can do. If you would like to discuss anything ahead of coming to a show, feel free to contact us via email at, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.