We wanted to put out a brief statement around our thoughts on ‘Plan B’, and safety at The Crescent. 

Many experts have suggested that Vaccine passports are not an effective way of stopping COVID. You can still be vaccinated and spread the virus, and putting restrictions on cultural activity and the hospitality sector in order to encourage vaccination is counterproductive, and likely to make those on the fence around vaccination more suspicious. Many amongst the cultural and hospitality sector are rightfully outraged that they are once again being thrown under the bus: not to mention that the timing of the announcement was more than a little suspect. Whilst we are under 500 capacity and so would not be required to do passports for all events under Plan B, we wanted to highlight our concerns around this approach.

However, we’ve also been noting rising case numbers, a new variant, and been speaking with regular customers around the situation. Ultimately we want to make a safe and comfortable environment for people to attend gigs, as well as for the artists to play them.

As such, we want to encourage mask wearing around the venue when possible, and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to #TakeATest before AND after attending shows here. Testing is the best way of ensuring that venues such ourselves can stay open, artists can keep touring and you can see your family over Xmas. We of course highly encourage everyone to get jabbed too.

We have two parties which go past 1AM and therefore legally require proof of vaccination OR a negative lateral flow on that day: our Boxing Day Disco and Irie Vibes New Years Eve. Please have this ready for entry when you arrive.

We’ve also taken further steps to improve Air Quality: Many of you have noticed we have installed Air Purifiers around the venue. This sucks in the air, and passes it under a HEPA filter and UV light. These have been trialled in schools, hospitals and on the London Underground and have been proven to be effective. (

On the subject of safety, we’ve also now made StopTopps available at the bar. These are foil covers to go over your drink to make it more noticeable if it has been spiked. Just ask at the bar if you would like one. It is a deterrent, and not perfect, but hopefully will help. Our licensing restricts us from letting people take drinks outside, so whilst our bouncers will be extra vigilant keeping an eye on them, we would encourage you to take a few more minutes to finish drinks before leaving them unattended.

On a more positive note, we’ve got an awesome lineup of shows and parties before the end of year and our big blow out on NYE. Stay safe, stay positive and love each other. X

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