Funding success!!!

We’re delighted to announce that alongside some of York’s other venues and cultural organisations, we were successful in our application to the Cultural Recovery Fund! This money will enable us to reopen safely, and survive till next Spring. We’ve got some fun plans in the meanwhile, but want to wait and see how the news develops over the next couple of weeks. As well as ACE and DCMS, we want to thank everyone who’s been supporting us, our incredible team and staff, as well as the musicians, engineers, and creatives who helped make our venue what it is.

In particular, we want to thank the Music Venue Trust for helping campaign for this fund, and then going a step further to guide venues through the application process. This is the first time many of York’s grassroots venues have ever been successful in funding applications. We can’t emphasise enough how incredible they have been for venues up and down the country.

The money announced over the next few days will not be enough to save the entire industry; just one small piece. Freelancers and musicians in particular face a massive threat. Many venues were ineligible, and some failed in their applications. We will continue to call for fuller, decent package that recognises that our industry is VIABLE.

But tonight, we’ll be raising a glass and sleeping a bit easier. Thanks again

Team Crescent


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