Autumn is here and it’s looking ace!!! Some staff highlights…

Lot’s of amazing stuff happening this Autumn!!! Here is some of the stuff our staff are looking forward to…


Jamali Maddax is one of the best comedians about at the moment. Recent appearances on Channel 4, Live at the Apollo have cemented his reputation as an all round funny guy, whilst his documentary work with Vice (Hate Thy Neighbour) shows he can have a serious side to. His comedy show, Vape Lord, has some ace reviews, so really happy that Burning Duck Comedy have brought him to The Crescent!


York’s reggae institution, Irie Vibes, is celebrating it’s 9th Birthday this October, and what a journey it’s been. We’re adding a second room for this one after the success of the August Jungle Special! Junglist vibes! Plus of course main room Irie Soundsystem action from York’s biggest reggae rig going.


Mercury nominated Roller Trio are one of my favourite northern jazz acts about. Their second album, released earlier this year, saw Chris Sharkey join the lineup, who used to play in one of my favourite bands, Acoustic Ladyland. This isn’t just Jazz. It’s rocky, electronic, vibrant jazz.


Say Sue Me are a Korean surf band. Fuzzy, dreamy indie rock, which wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve. We are delighted to have them in, as their last album was released to great acclaim. This is going to be a really fun show!

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