Herbal Mafia: Soundcheck

Herbal Mafia: Soundcheck
Friday 28th August, 8pm – 11pm
Free Entry—

We thought we’d had our last rave of the season but due to a last minute cancellation we’re throwing a cheeky free party!

It was too short notice to get a late licence so we thought we would use it as an excuse to soundcheck our full 20kW rig, which is quite a bit bigger than The Crescent’s sound system!

Residents and guests playing the heaviest bass music in their collection to really test those speakers!

Due to the extreme level of bass we can’t go later than 11pm and risk a noise complaint. Earplugs will be provided. Doors open at 7pm.

18+ so please bring ID if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.
Our next club event is on 27th October, save the date!