The People’s Railway: The Case For Bringing Back British Rail

Public support for taking the railways back into public ownership is now at 76%, and there is a growing consensus that nationalised rail is a question of when, not if.

With politicians from all sides now accepting that a publicly owned railway will be the most economical, and sustainable way to provide this vital public service, the TUC is hosting a special event as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations, to debate how it should be done.

Tosh McDonald – President of ASLEF
Rachel Maskell – Shadow Transport Minister, MP for York Central
TBC – a community rail campaign

Join us at The Crescent Community Venue in York on Thursday 18th January at 6.3pm, a stones throw from the heart of the railway revolution.

The Crescent offers a fully liscenced bar, and it will be open throughout the event and Q&A.

UK railways need reform. Privatisation of our railways has led to a fragmented and dysfunctional system. We need a railway that delivers for people before profit.

In most European countries apart from Britain, the tracks and other infrastructure are publicly-owned and there is also a publicly-owned train operator that provides the majority of passenger train services.