The Wake of Granny Woolf

The Wake of Granny Woolf
Tuesday 16th May, 18:00 – 20:30

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“Welcome to Ashall’s Centre for End-of-Life-Ethics (ACE). We are an organisation for multi-species end of life care, an organisation of vets, doctors, carers of humans, carers of animals, brought together to answer the question: what is a good death?

Granny Woolf has been informed that they are in the final stages of life, resulting from complications with abdominal trauma and extremely rare presentation of gastrointestinal stones. Granny Woolf cannot or will not discuss their end of life plan. It has fallen upon us at ACE to decide how to best respect and care for them during this time.

Bring your expertise, your experience, your thoughts, as we unpick the prospect of a good death together. It’s a big heavy question but hopefully, at the end, the only heaviness will be in your full belly.”

*In the Wake of Granny Woolf is a performance meal, funded by The Wellcome Trust, and created in association with the Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU) at University of York. Thoughts gathered during the meal may inform current and future research of A Good Death project.

We recognise that we are exploring difficult subject matter. A death doula will be in the space hosting a break-out area.

We will be serving a vegan meal. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements, any access needs, or any questions, by emailing:

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3. I understand my contributions will be anonymous and unattributed.

4. I am happy for my contributions to inspire and inform current and future research of

the A Good Death project, including outputs such as academic papers, policy

reports, blogs and articles.

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