World Cup at The Crescent – *SOLD OUT*

World Cup at The Crescent

Come down to The Crescent and cheer the lads on for the World Cup on our 164″ screen!
We may not agree with the host or the time of year, but we will still be showing the games for your entertainment.

England games will require a ticket for entry, these are available here:

ENGLAND vs. FRANCE (7pm Saturday 10/12)

We will be opening at 5pm for this game!

Please get a ticket in advance if you are coming so we know we have space for everyone.

PS. A quick note on our thoughts on the World Cup being held in Qatar.

Politics and Football are intertwined, and this World Cup is yet another demonstration of that. The selection process is clearly corrupt, with bids for the World Cup decided on wallet depth as oppose to depth of merit; entirely governed by capitalism. You cannot keep politics out of sport, because ‘Sportwashing’ has been used by regimes across the world as propaganda tools for time untold. Meanwhile Qatars repression of political opposition, LGBTQ people as well as its abuse of migrant workers who built the tournament stadiums and infrastructure is well reported: The total death toll in stadium construction equates to one for every minute of football played in this tournament.

But this World Cup is not alone in being held in a state with human rights issues. LGBTQ communities in Russia are also highly discriminated against, and of course political corruption is also rife. The next World Cup is being held in America, a state that was founded upon, and continues, the mass incarceration of Black people. Why are these criticisms and questions not asked to the same degree?

An effective boycott would not just focus on the World Cup, but the corrupt web of FIFA, broadcasting rights and advertisers beyond the event itself, stretching right down to the National Leagues. Amnesty International opposes a boycott of Qatar 2022, arguing that it is better ‘to take advantage of the international attention at the World Cup’.

LGBT organisations in the Middle East such as Alwan Foundation also hope to use the publicity of the tournament rather than boycott outright, calling upon guest fans, celebrities, players and officials.

Sport has an immense power to bring people together, but we should not forget that it cannot and should not be divorced from issues of politics and human rights. As such, we’ll be donating our ticket sales to Alwan Foundation, and displaying more information around the venue during screenings.